Biovilq  Medical Waste Solutions
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The safe and effective handling of medical waste requires experience, care and attention to detail. Biovilq’s dedicated team is committed to providing a professional service to all clients. Our medical waste service includes:

§ Compliant collection, transportation and disposal of medical waste.

§ Supply of high quality compliant containers (bins, liners, sharps boxes) and Personal Protective Equipment (gloves, masks, caps, boots, aprons, overalls).

§ Waste audits to develop a waste management and minimization plan.

§ Training and capacity building of healthcare workers on medical waste management.


Waste generated by healthcare activities ranges from disposable syringes and needles to pharmaceuticals, anatomical, pathological, chemicals, bandages, heavy metals and radioactive materials. Medical waste potentially exposes healthcare workers, waste handlers, patients and the public at large to infections, injuries and poisoning, and risks polluting the environment. It is important that medical waste be minimized, segregated at source, appropriately stored, collected and transported to a treatment or disposal facility.


BIOVILQ Medical Waste Solutions is a licensed medical waste management service provider.

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